How to blow confetti balloons

 Steps to blow Perfect Confetti Balloons 

  •  Choose the best size balloon for your event. The 12-inch balloons are more transparent than the 18-inch balloons when inflated, allowing more confetti to be visible, and the smaller size makes for an easier, explosive confetti pop! However, the 18-inch balloons are sturdier and will be better for longer events, as they’re not so likely to be accidentally popped.
  • Rub the balloons gently before inflating. This will help generate static so that the confetti will stick to the sides of the balloon and be fully visible for the ultimate glitter effect
  • Don’t inflate beyond size indicated on the package. The balloons should be almost clear when fully inflated. If inflating by mouth, it should take 5-10 minutes for full inflation for a 12-inch balloon and a little longer for an 18-inch balloon.
  • Rub your inflated balloon against fabric to encourage the confetti to stick to the sides, rather than sink to the bottom. Rotate to distribute confetti evenly. When using helium, a bit more rubbing might be required than for balloons blown by mouth.
  • Don’t place inflated balloons in direct sunlight or in high humidity or heat. Our balloons are made from natural latex and are biodegradable, and while this is a huge plus for the environment, it also means that in high humidity and/or in direct sunlight, they start to oxidize slowly, turning velvety and opaque after a few days.

 Finally, enjoy! 

Thank you