How to make balloon arch with strip


The Balloon Decorating Strip can be used with any size balloon.This product is your fastest, easiest option to create a professional looking balloon arch or column. It really is as easy as it looks!

First you need balloons. Click here to shop balloons

The strip has two hole sizes.  The smaller hole will accommodate 5″ to 9″ latex balloons.  The larger holes are for 11″ to 18″ latex balloons.  As per your choice use as many as holes to decorate. The strip will hold up to 12 balloons per foot. Sketch your design. 

Having an idea of the general shape you want your arch to take on will help you when assembling it.

Pro Tip: Your arch doesn’t necessarily need to take on a traditional arch formation. Have fun creating a unique shape like an incomplete arch or a garland that climbs the wall.

Firstly fill air in the balloons with balloon pump put the knots to each balloon. Now plan color style pattern to fill in the arch strip.

For a balloon arch with the same height and width:

(1 1/2 x height) + width = approximate total length

For a balloon arch that is wider than it is tall:

width + height = approximate total length

For a balloon arch that is taller than it is wide:

(2 x height) + width = approximate total length

Balloon Arch Formulas

once this is decided start placing.


Sticking the arch strip in the desired manner and start putting the balloons.

Now step back an admire your work!  to know further contact us at 9822033945 or shop at