How to Plan baby shower party!!

We know that planning the perfect baby shower can be a daunting task. Whether you’re the mommy-to-be or Family or her best friend, it seems like everything’s been done before. Don’t let that get you down. Even though someone else came up with that awesome baby shower idea you saw on the internet, you can use it as inspiration for your own party.

We at Letsparty are here to provide the best inspiration possible. We’ve put  unique baby shower preparation ideas that will make for one unforgettable celebration.

And, since many people are turning to technology and online solutions nowadays, we’re also including tips and ideas for throwing a virtual baby shower. However you choose to celebrate the mom-to-be, we’ve got you covered!


baby shower

It can be anywhere like your society club house, Bungalow Garden or backward, Balcony, your living room etc.

Finally, if your shower is going to be virtual, everyone will simply join in on the fun from their own homes at Zoom or Skype

When it comes to location, the possibilities are endless.

Guest List


Its totally personal choice but we would suggest  that every baby-shower-planner should live by: keep it close. Invite only the people who are closest to the new parents so that no one feels obliged to attend. If that means just four friends and their spouses, then so be it.


baby shower decoration

Balloons are best way to represent a baby shower from rainbow colors, metallic, blue, pink, marvel and many more. As per our observation pastel color balloons are so much on trend nowadays, it can be a great idea to incorporate a shade of pastel for decoration. The light and pleasant soft colors can make great baby shower decoration at home. Go for pastel balloons, banners, flag banners, confetti balloons, foil curtains, and accessories to mark the day to know more visit



  • offer words of wisdom for the mom to be 
  • Have each guest bring a baby picture and guess who’s who.
  • Link up baby names with their celebrity parents.
  • Write down baby traits (e.g., eyes, IQ, temperament, hair color, etc.) and then have the pregnant parent write down whether she wants the baby to get those traits from her or the dad.
  • Suggest baby names     
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