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BOBO balloon transparent per pc

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Enhance your occasion.suitable for birthday, anniversary, surprise party,photo shoots,theme party

Sizebefore Inflation

18 inch, size before inflating, diameter is 18cm, recommend inflating it into 35cm, the largest is diameter is 40cm
24 inch, size before inflating, diameter is 24cm, recommend inflating it into 50cm, the largest is diameter is 60cm
10 inch, size before inflating, diameter is 10cm, recommend inflating it into 20cm, the largest is diameter is 25cm


Recommend filler in balloon: light weight product, such as nail glittler flake, paper confetti, foil confetti, feather, better not over 10g, if too weight, balloon couldn't fly after filled with helium.

​If you want put small balloon inside, first inflate bubble balloon to round shape at first, then release air, put small balloons in the bubble balloon, inflate small balloon, turn the air port into a knot, till each small balloon is inflated. finally inflate the bubble balloon again, you could use helium or air, air balloon can't fly.


Please inflate with normal air or helium, DO NOT inflate hydrogen or other flammable and explosive gases.

The elasticity of this balloon is very good, please feel free to inflate it. Please keep infating until the surface is smooth like our picture, no any winkles. If there is wrinkles, that means you haven't inflated enough air, you should go on infalting.

the step to use the ball 

1. prepare a balloon. pinch the edge of balloon

2.pull the balloon horizontally and twice, reverse direction, pull the balloon vertically and forcefully again, till every edge is done.

3. use a helium bottle or pumps to inflate through the air port.

4. at the inflation port, start at 2cm from the balloon and turn it down, turn the air port into a knot to complete.

Note: when you receive the balloon, it is very small size, please pull the edge of balloon evenly before inflating balloon. use inflating balloons tools, such as balloon inflator or pump, slowly inflating, if it is flat, keep inflating, till the balloon comes to be round, this pvc balloon is elastic, finally it will turn into normal 18 inch round balloon, please don't worry.